Meanings 2

Language acts through me, choosing
falling on the page in order
moving tips of pens on paper
figuring itself out
The words recall their followers, pious
to mass them in these pews and speak
each leaf after leaf, in a trawling creep
to form their books which look so still
but only as the sea looms still
or the stars above our heads look still
a violent furnace in the dark
inside our silent skulls and grasping hands
speech inventing the fizzing webs
in stupefied collaboration with us.
Unreeling in idioms or poetry
the culture of a trillion moments
growing slowly in the open glassware
as we focus in a kaleidoscope;
reading, writing, both.
But underneath the forms we share
lie illuminate in a sparkling glare.

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Send your life out in multiple directions like a galaxy shedding stars. Always come back to hope and try to thrive. All posts, (poems, stories, essays, etc.) here are composed by my hand, unless noted otherwise. Please ask if you'd like to use one.

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