Europeana Reprise

Oil climbs out of the ocean, parting the surface
Like tearing the seal from an amazon package, pearling
The waves like refugee bodies, also floating
Nearby and shadows american submarines,
Firing out helium nucleii and their drones,
Firing out missiles to blurry amoeba below,
Gathered in blameworthy groups, erased as a whole.
Fleeing the bombs (and who wouldn’t?) come
The wildlife, quietly, of of the Tigris basin,
Wanting peace and stability, which words vibrate
The rotten air around the heads of ‘leaders’
Stood in front of old imperial buildings,
And they say ‘immigration’ and their eyes sparkle
With the light of a thousand suns as they smile
And chew mouthfuls of newspaper gifted by acquaintance,
Til their tongues are black with ink, dripping, corroding
And they fall to Pruit Igoe and the choir
Of chattering voices devour their corpses.
And music echoes out from the Tor, but soft…
What repetitions! and endless repetitions,
Of heartbeats and of drumbeats and of songs,
And series of songs and signifiers and drugs,
Every fucking weekend they sound, and il faut
que they sound, for if they didn’t the mosh pit might stop,
And then we could hear the dark of the void thumping
In our ears, thudding each second, drawing our death
Like poison down the tube towards us, or cancer
Creaking, growing in the dark like rhubarb,
Like extremists grow in little testtubes, mixing
The chemicals of religion, boredom And economics
And grasping at self importance And fear of the dark
And fear of the new And neurosis of the old
And revenge And hatred And easy access to weapons
Face it, we’re all extremists, we believe
Through our petty brains (which we are –
Forget all the limbs and the heart and the skin and the kidneys)
That we can decide with terrible paucity of information
We hope because if we didn’t hope, we’d be alone
Or fixating on the Nation State or praying
Over the rotting corpse of God, exhumed
After such a hasty burial, and the weather
Is heating up, why will no one talk
About the fact the weather is heating up
We just can’t deal with such a real apocalypse
And prefer to invent our own, jumping up
And down in the dark to dissolve our pious souls
Increase your intake of drugs, sir, it’s essential
To maintain a calm visage, you might upset
The elderly and the average citizen, who
Hates the gays and hates the moslems, hates
The commies, hates change and hates the politicians
Is there, he looks like a spreadsheet, but he’s real,
And he’s right you know, he must decide our policy
Sit back down in your cubicle, ma’am, head down
Get on with your work, because work will set you free
And consumption will set you free, and buying
These chunks of rotting flesh will set you free
And put your headphones in and look at the screen
There are too many people – DON’T LOOK UP
I said look down, you can’t deal with the truth
You won’t understand the process of growth, friend
Economic growth, if you look too close…
Better to keep calm and carry on
Driving, burning millions of zooplankton
Bodies, millions of years of history, crusty
To inflate these bubbles and increase GDP

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