Three Sketches

I –

A calcinated cliff towers over the wood
riddled with caverns and within those
caverns, we find more caverns, the walls
are made of caverns and the floors
well, little difference there with an abyss
if I’m honest. The clouds dragging
themselves over the earth set up
a tone, with a little liquid and a vibration
which gets the lightwaves shivering
and humming, with all the depth of oceans
and it blasts through into the very skeleton
of the plateau, into the brain of the earth –
blasts it right up until the moment when
it almost shivers apart. Then waterfalls
fall, crash down along the paths of thought
filling it all up slowly with a mercurial
liquid, the liquid of worth. It brims
brims with all of value, even the chasms
blackness seems somehow fuller.
And that’s music

II –

We watch as it happens;
the glint descends, glistening.
It flutters and curls before landing
with a flitter just beyond hearing
around her eyes, nesting in wrinkles
burrowing deeper, I soon see it looking
out at me, and we smile. And I know
from now on, what she wants of me


Still night, dark night, night
to tempt the stars to a long flight
or to give it up and fall, crash
to earth or ocean, falcon fast
fitting snugly into the mineral
dance and swirl of all nocturnal
dust, but the air is still and thick –
It waits, quietly, rainless in
the fug that stillens everything

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