Where coastlines of infinite length
are caressed by seas of dark paths,
and clouds of infinite surface
indicate the strangeness of words

you will find me at the barbers
amid a sea of hair. Where kids
find the infinite resistance
of life begin to find purchase

upon a single lollipop
from a jar maddeningly full.
“And this one is for later on”
No kid, you can only have one.

Mind blown. But it takes a long time
for this lesson to register,
’til you see that not wanting sweets
is the only way to be free

and you wear black and grey and grow
grey. Excuse me. I just got kicked
out of the barbers for eating
an entire bowl of cheap lollies

I just noticed how much grey hair
had fallen from my head, vital
hair entwined with dust on the floor
piles of dust of infinite depth

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