The green dawn never came. This land
sank under the sea. We might have
been a new Atlantis. No more –
ships, lost and riding the dark sea

see ignorant spitfires fly.
A wall surrounds the island, seen
from the water as grey cliffs are
seen. So. Let everything old burn

that is after all, what you wanted –
was it not? You had rather seen
an new England, where car horns blare
nine coughing blasts and then we drown.

Enough of these childish things.
we can barely breathe. Let flames rise
and cast their shadows on the sea.
Each of you who brought this rank fate

will meet your avenging angel
in your dreams, burning and the sun
burning, burning. You take Blake’s name
in vain to sing Jerusalem.

Blake sings with me. Your hope was not.
And now as your voices raise up
in panic, I can only smile –
a great red dragon smiles in me

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