Sea Glass 7/30


A palaeolithic venus of moss
in a shampoo advert

The water cascading
absorbing, me collapsing

Her form in the water
Moss comes first to the island



The ideal of beauty has a plasticity which power and narcissism try to tame. They fail, and moss drips from the cracks, the moments in life where the beauty connectome-tree adheres to manifold other concepts like a kind of neuronal silly string. But it can be dangerous to admit it, since people build their self, their jealousies, around beautifulnesses that, with more or less violence, have been dammed into their (our) brain.

Some concepts are non-visual, in the sense that they don’t have a visual nexus – and they confuse an algorithm built around processing image searches. Then the textuality of ideas propagates into the painting, here appearing, text-angelic in a blue pool.

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