Sea Glass 8/30


Running down the skylight,
rainwater outlines a body

It’s Berenice, her cupped belly
her arms, her beauty, my emptiness

A black lion curled around her,
my mane trailing her thigh



See The Hair of Berenice‘ by Luis Ricardo Falero. (nsfw)

I imagined that galactic-erotic painting outlined in rainwater, each drop running down the skylight after attaining the droplet’s falling mass, and it was beautiful. This poem comes from a place where I was overwhelmed in desire.

As I play with the generator I am astounded by the Baconesque distortions achieved by the algorithm as it tries to pull apart images of bodies and rebuild them into paintings. Objects become skinned and fleshed, and are absorbed into skies, pools, landscapes. It’s so visceral, and affective, whereas this piece required much more abstraction.

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