Sea Glass 14/30


A book never finishes being read
Il n’y a pas de hors lit

Laying in your breath –
breathing your text

I want you, the page curled over
The bunch of lilies of you



The analysis of sexual acts by the metaphysics of presence says: there is no completion, an ‘ideal’ is partial and over-emphatic. There is the exploratory, there is the discursive relationship between bodies, with its fits and starts, its soarings and terraformings, and its landings and takings off. There are only metaphors and practices applied or enforced upon a playful activity. Climax is bright like a flashlight but there are candles and torches and of course the darkness behind it all, the ground among which the figure develops.

A flower develops, and it mates with other flowers through the medium of entire species, or emergent physical properties of the earth. This piece was one of the first I generated on the app and it came out so well it encouraged this idea of a series.

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