Sea Glass 15/30


Beatrice, centred in heaven,
did not need to be desired

She watched the angel eyes
rotate in a thousand sockets

and waited for Dante
so they could go for a walk


Note: An angelic museum would include items like the form of frogspawn, the smell of lightning, and the event horizons of a binary black hole system, all packed into the foyer of the concept of the pillars of creation. Its floor plan would match the contours of an infinitely folded map.

To force the generator to be truly multiple you need to smuggle in that multiplicity via some word that evokes visual multitudes. Visuality isn’t something that numbers have, they don’t contain their mass in their sign. At least, not straightforwardly. Here, I used the visual form of frogspawn to bring up a garden of earthly delights.

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