To a Cat

O’ cat
Like the wave’s undulate swell
you surprise me with your disparity
your mammal necessity

O’ cat
You are as essential
as the comet’s tail passing
Moulting Berenician fur all over the galaxy

O’ cat
Your territory is a human place now
and you are a stone lodged in the human shoe’s rubber
Go cat, hide – we cannot understand each other.

Dove’s Mission Creep

Dove sat
Stunned at what had happened
god sat next to her

I still don’t quite know what happened, said god
Dove stared, and all god saw was his own face
this made him glad.

But then he saw crow, he began to cry
Dove hopped on his shoulder, drinking

The tears made Dove grow terrible
She slipped out into the heavens
With a syringe and a cotton swab